Be the consultant you want to be.

Why work here?

Transcendent Group is the personal management consulting firm that dares to focus on the individual, both externally and internally. Our clients only meet experienced consultants in governance, risk and compliance. The company was established in 2001 and has since then grown to become a group of companies with offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium and Lithuania. It is important to maintain our strong culture] while we grow - which we do at a higher rate than ever, with several international establishments. We always strive to be a Great Place to Work. Our culture is characterized by our core values: Trust, Professionalism, Contribution and Personal.

Patrick Qvick


“I really like the feeling Transcendent Group gives to me. Although we’re growing and we do exist in many countries you always feel like being with friends when you meet your Transcendent Group colleagues. Being able to challenge yourself every day at the same time when you spend time with your friends and get paid for it…well that’s really something.”

Marina Johansson


"At Transcendent Group, I’m encouraged to be involved, have an opinion and speak my mind, while having a strong leader who has my best interests at heart. Here, I can let my creativity fly and freely display my professional strengths.

In short: I can be the consultant I want to be."

Helge Benum


"Transcendent Group offers a people friendly environment, which helps to bring out the best in its employees. People here are truly outstanding professionals whom I am privileged to cooperate with and learn from. The company is not about maximizing profit but rather building lasting relationships through helping our customers find the best solutions!"

Karoline Fl├ąten


The role of a service line leader is very exciting and engaging. I have worked with the development of the service line across the group with a focus on market work and competence development. We have organized internal seminars for all coworkers, who provided good academic discussions, and we regularly organize forum meetings to exchange views on hot topics. What I like best about working here is the opportunity to engage and influence the strategy of Transcendent Group for the future, in addition to all my great and talented colleagues.

Transcendent Group has been ranked as a Great Place to Work Seven years in a row and as one of Europe's, Sweden's and Norways best workplaces. It is one of our key ambition to always be a Great Place to Work. 

We are collaborating with the independent organization Great Place to Work and we are participating in their annual survey measuring credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie among all co-workers. We are continuously working to develop our company to make sure we continue to be a Great Place to Work.

Rasmus Forssblad


"Working for Transcendent Group is a bit like the annual family Christmas dinner, there’s a lot of people there, you might not know who everyone is but it’s all great people.

At Transcendent Group, you get to not only work with some of the most skilled and experienced persons within the Governance, Risk and Compliance area, you also get to be a part of a team that really works together, are friendly and welcoming and truly lives a balanced lifestyle."

Signe Marie Elm Larsen


"I would highlight that my colleagues are professional and inclusive. The work environment at Transcendent Group is personal and respectable both internally and externally, and for me, that’s really important when developing great projects for the client."

Jens Ryning


“Working at Transcendent Group gives you the opportunity to meet interesting clients that request our help and services, and you get to work with great and competent colleagues. Through one of our key values, “Contribution”, you get the chance to shape your working life at Transcendent Group – both through encouragement from the management to speak your mind and your professional career through trainings, events and courses. For me, Transcendent Group is characterized by a feeling of humble professionalism.”

Eli Sofie Amdam


"The reason I love working at Transcendent Group is that I get to work with exciting projects and with incredibly skilled professionals who support and challenge me to deliver my very best. In addition, we have a great working environment with colleagues who have fun together, which makes me look forward to get to work."

Come join us!

You learn something cool everyday.

You will meet friends for life.

We love to build your brand.

This is truly a great place to work.

We invest in our people.

Everything we do is based on trust.

We truly have the best people.

We don't believe in hierarchy. We believe in empowerment.

We strongly believe in the value of building our consultants brands.

Our Service Lines

Personal Development

Learning through assignments and from each other.

All employees have a yearly education and training budget.

Core consulting skills trainings and leadership trainings.

More than 100 certifications.

Core values

Want to work with us?


Every company has its own model for recruitment. At Transcendent Group we handpick our new employees after recommendation, thorough research and an established interview process. An important parameter – in addition to excellent workmanship and social skills – is that you share our core values.

We recruit mainly from our personal networks, but spontaneous applications are of course welcome. Normally we don’t hire directly from the university – our new recruits usually have a number of years of work experience from the industry.

There are currently no vacancies available.