For the past ten years, there have been a tremendous development of the regulatory framework that is governing the financial industry. This leads to an increasingly difficult challenge for financial institutions in order to live up to the markets expectations, as well as the constant development of existing regulation in addition to new regulation. Therefore more and more companies have a need for an effective and well-suited methodology to ensure their compliance.

Compliance should be seen as an important tool for building a successful and long term business within the constraints that society has imposed. An effective and balanced regulatory compliance and internal control leads to a reduction of risks of negative publicity, customer complaints or penalties from regulatory agencies or other unexpected expenses.

We have extensive experience in working with regulatory matters, for example as Compliance Officers in different financial businesses. 

We can provide our customers with are:

  • Ongoing consultation 
  • Development of risk analysis 
  • Establishment of monitoring and activity plans 
  • Conduct of audits 
  • Outsourcing of the compliance function 
  • Interim solutions 
  • Training and education of the management and employees 
  • Permit applications

Meet our people

Heidi Gliese Hylleborg

"Compliance is self-transcendent to me. I can impact not only the business processes but also the business success, people’s mindset and even global issues as fighting terrorist financing. Several companies strive to turn risks into opportunities, and compliance can support the company on that. But compliance does rarely run first in the popularity contest - it takes hard work and a lot of influencing. However, when I manage I do feel proud – proud of being a part of something right. The best thing with working at TG is that I can be a part of a variety of tasks for many different clients, thanks to the diversity in TG’s client portfolio".