IT Audit

The information that exists in a company is often business critical. Even so, there’s not always a secure way of managing and controlling the handling of such information.  An IT audit aims to evaluate whether the activity information is available, reliable and secured in a satisfying way. The clients are often the businesses Internal Audit Managers, IT Managers and Information Security Managers.

Examples of things we can help you identify and correct are:

  • Lack of organization and control of the IT operations
  • Lack of data quality
  • Unauthorized access to sensitive information
  • Lack of availability to critical systems
  • Violation of legislation
  • Insufficient cost control

All consultants in Transcendent Group that works with IT audition have the certification CISA. Many of us also have other relevant certifications such as CIA, CISM, and CGEIT. We work according to accepted standards and frameworks such as COBIT and ISO/IEC 27001.

In addition to IT audits we also help many of our customers with;

  • Education and training for IT audits and IT risks, often based on the COBIT framework
  • Development of plans for audits and mission statements
  • Mentorship or support to Internal Auditors, External Auditors and Risk Managers