The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – is a new EU regulation effective from May 2018. GDPR will replace the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC with the purpose of harmonizing privacy laws across Europe.

Compared to the old directive, the regulation imposes more stringent and clearer requirements on a number of points. The penalty of a breach of the regulation will be 4% of the organization’s total turnover, or a fine of up to 20 MEUR. Ensuring compliance with the new regulation will be comprehensive for most organizations, especially for organizations currently unsure of their processing of personal data.

Transcendent Group have extensive experience and expertise in both privacy legislation and data protection. We can assist you with the following privacy related advice and expertise:

  • Inventory and mapping of data flows 
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA’s) and legal assessment of processing 
  • Risk analysis of personal data managed in the cloud 
  • GDPR GAP analysis 
  • Data protection advice 
  • Training session in Personal Data Law and the New EU Law – on board, management or department level 
  • Development of policies, instruction manuals, procedures and role descriptions 
  • Assistance with Model Contracts/Data Processing Agreements 
  • Review of suppliers 
  • Project management of privacy programs 
  • Data Protection Officer (interim or as a service)

Meet our people

Tulan Leth

"Working in Privacy assignments within TG is a pure joy! Projects aiming to help our customers align with the new GDPR regulation most often require competence from several of our service lines which gives a great opportunity to work with colleagues cross the whole company."

Sofia Arveteg

"With the coming of GDPR, privacy has become a board room question, and with TG I get the chance to support a wide variety of organizations in their implementation journey together with some of the best experts in the field - my colleagues!"

Emese Bogya

“You and I, we are the big data: statistics of today, shaping tomorrow. Our personal information is collected, processed and used each second. To contribute in building trust in this digital world, by ensuring lawful, accurate and transparent usage of personal data, that is what motivates me. The legal aspect is the given framework; while implementing the organisational and technical aspect of it, that is the creative personal part.”